Canberra Pocket Sprung Mattress

Our master bedroom mattress showroom contains ten unique Irish made mattresses that suit the various levels of support and budget that you desire. The Canberra Pocket Sprung  Mattress is a 1000 pocket mattress with a memory foam layer. Each double mattress that you see listed on this website can be viewed on our shop floor where you can, touch and feel and more importantly, try it out. We have a range of different types of mattresses on display in our showroom from various manufacturers to suit all budgets from our entry level “Essential Range” right up to our “Luxury Range” if you really want to Treat Yourself. The double mattresses on display are separated into an orthopaedic mattress section and a pocket sprung double mattress section.

Canberra Pocket Sprung  Mattress

  • Tufted Mattress
  • Extra Filling
  • Soft Touch Material
  • Durable tempered pocket spring unit

The Canberra Pocket Sprung Mattress is part of the Orthopaedic Collection and is ideal for those who prefer a firmer sleeping surface. The Canberra incorporates a 13 gauge spring unit and is covered with a high quality Demask Fabric.

This model comes with  a tufted design. It is designed to hold the filling together, so as to give a firmer feel. Additionally added to this there are hardened springs and a quilted border.

Canberrs Pocket Sprung Mattress







The mattress showroom is sorted in to two different price ranges. One half of the double mattress showroom is for budgets of €500 or less and the other half is for budgets of €500 or more.  So how do you chose the right mattress for you? You start with deciding to come to our showroom to try out the various types! For example, spinal alignment is connected to the “firmness” of the support layers (pocket sprung or orthopaedic) and pressure relief is connected to the “softness” of the comfort layers. Each double mattress has different types comfort layers which include any quilting layers used in the very top part of a mattress that act together to give a mattress its pressure relieving qualities. One of the most popular examples of comfort layers is found in a memory foam mattress which is a very soft material, especially when heat and pressure is applied and it “melts” into a semi solid form. It does an excellent job of forming a cradle and relieving pressure and has become more popular as a comfort layer for this reason. Whether you are interested in a cheap mattress or our luxury mattress, we have them all and they are ready for delivery within a matter of days. We’re open Monday through Saturday from 10am to 6pm and we can deliver the mattress of your choice to Cavan, Meath, Louth and Monaghan and Dublin.

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