Adjustable Electric Bed

Adjustable Electric bed  or adjustable bed scan be adjusted into various positions to make sleeping more comfortable. Often considered a luxury item they also help to relieve back pain, poor circulation, aches and pains and other common symptoms normally associated with those who have recently undergone surgery or those suffering short or long term disability in a home environment. The position of  our Respa Electric Bed can be altered by changing the position of the bed with a remote control allowing the profile of your electric bed to raise the upper end of the bed which in turn lowers the back and head, or the lower end of the bed can be raised to lower the legs. This bed is ideal for those with Mobility Difficulties, as it incorporates an Inner Pocket Sprung Unit with 35mm of Luxurious Memory Foam providing Individual Support for Head, Neck, Upper and Lower Back, Thighs and Feet.

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Electric Bed

Benefits of an adjustable bed

1. Elevation:

Electric Beds allow you to raise and lower the head and foot sections of the mattress to the most comfortable position. These features enable you to elevate limbs after surgery, which helps to reduce swelling, a side effect particularly common in leg surgeries. By keeping the affected body part above the heart level of the upper body, and the groin level for the lower body, you are encouraging the fluids causing the swelling to flow downwards. This can be particularly helpful if your limb is encased in a cast and the swelling is causing feelings of restriction or pain.

2. Circulation:

After surgery you may not be as active and as a result your circulation may suffer. An electric bed can help with this by changing your position in bed with little effort required on your part. Changing your position regularly can help increase blood flow throughout your body and restrict fluid build up.

3. Independence:

Being able to sit up unassisted may seem like a minor thing but after surgery, having the support an adjustable electric bed offers can make an enormous difference. It allows you to sit up easily when you want to take a drink or read a book without the need of assistance. It also helps any carer you may require as it prevents any possible injury to them when lifting you into a different position.

4. Breathing:

If you have undergone surgery on your respiratory system, breathing may be painful or a difficult. An adjustable electric bed allow you to sleep with your head, neck and chest comfortably raised ensuring your airways are kept clear of fluids. It also decreases the effects of gravity on your body, as when you lay horizontally the tissues in your throat become closer together and the tongue falls back, which when combined with swelling from surgery, can make breathing difficult.

Adjustable Bed Price List

( with 24 inch headboard)











Super King


Choose your base colour from a variety of swatches.
Handheld remote control unit.
Sumptuous foam mattress with exclusive soft touch fabric and luxurious 35mm memory foam.

If an Adjustable Electric Bed has been recommended to you or a family member for health reasons and you can provide a letter from your Doctor we can provide you with a VAT Invoice which you can use to claim back 23% of the cost price