You can buy a mattress online but to choose the right mattress you have to try it out!

Each mattress that you see listed on this website can be viewed on our shop floor where you can, touch and feel and more importantly, try it out. We have a range of different types of mattresses on display in our showroom from various manufacturers to suit all budgets from our entry level “Essential Range” right up to our "Luxury Range" if you really want to Treat Yourself.

Mattress Ranges available at The Bedroom Base include

Essentials Range - Basic, Silver & Gold
Ortho Range - Sleep Sure, Posturepaedic & Extreme support
Pocket Range - Pocket 1000, Ashford, Adare, Regency & Imperial
Luxury Range - Henley Pillow Top, Opulence 3000 & Indulgence


Essentials Mattress Range

Great value for money, ideally suited for kid’s beds, spare rooms and rented properties.

The difference between the three mattresses in our Essentials range is the type of fabric used on the cover of the mattresses, the depth of them and the overall comfort level of the mattresses.


Budget Mattresses and Bases in Kingscourt Cavan


  • Long lasting support.
  • Soft & Comfortable.
  • Affordable.
  • Mattress depth 7" (18cm)
  • RRP €125 *
Budget Mattresses and Bases in Kingscourt Cavan


  • Good support.
  • Quality fibre filling.
  • Durable Fabric covering.
  • Mattress depth 8" (20cm)
  • RRP €150 *.


  • High level of support and comfort.
  • Quality fabric covering.
  • Ideal first mattress for a child.
  • Mattress depth 9" (23cm)
  • RRP €190 *.

Ortho Mattress Range

Our Orthopaedic range of mattresses are for those who like firm support when sleeping.

Manufactured using extra firm springs and strong foam fillings to achieve the increased levels of support across this range. These mattresses have foam topping on both surfaces which, in conjunction with regular turning increases the life of your mattress.



Sleep Sure

  • Long life mattress
  • Soft feel fabric covering.
  • Orthopaedic Spring.
  • Foam topping on both surfaces
  • RRP €250 *
Posture Care


  • Medium strength spring system
  • Quilted covering,
  • Medium firmness
  • Foam topping on both surfaces
  • RRP €360
Double Beds and Mattresses in Kingscourt Cavan

Extreme Support

  • High strength spring system
  • Extra Firm Filling Layers 
  • Soft Touch fabric covering.
  • Foam topping on both surfaces
  • RRP €490*

Pocket Mattress Range

Our Pocket range of mattresses are suitable for someone who prefers a comfortable sleep which is provided by the individual pocket springs which moulds and re-moulds to your body’s contours.

The rule of thumb guides that as you increase the number of pockets in these mattresses the level of support provided increases.


AJ Pocket 1000 Memory

Pocket 1000 Memory

  • 1000 individual Pocket Springs
  • Comfort top layer of Memory Foam
  • RRP €299 *
Double Beds and Mattresses in Kingscourt Cavan


  • 1200 Nested Pocket Springs
  • Anti-allergy fillings
  • Quilted top covering.
  • RRP €410*
Double Beds and Mattresses in Kingscourt Cavan


  • 1400 Nested Pocket Springs
  • Thick cushion pad on mattress top surface
  • Memory Foam sub layer for temperature control
  • Mattress depth 12" (30cm)
  • Anti-allergy fillings
  • RRP €480*
Double Beds and Mattresses in Kingscourt Cavan

Pocket 1600

  • 1600 Nested Pocket Springs
  • Ventilated side walls for body temperature control
  • Mattress can be turned for long life.
  • RRP €450 *
Regency Pillow Top

Regency Pillow Top

  • Hand knitted soft touch fabric covering
  • Extra side wall foam support
  • Stitched Pillow Top finish
  • Available in luxury support or firm support options
  • RRP €380 *
Imperial Box Top

Imperial Box Top

  • Hand knitted soft touch fabric covering
  • Extra side wall foam support
  • Thick cushion pad with High density foam on mattress surface
  • Available in luxury support or firm support options
  • RRP €440 *

Luxury Mattress Range

The Luxury Mattress Range have separate areas of support levels which respond to your body shape and have natural foams which keep the temperature of your mattress down for a cooler night’s sleep.

Double Beds and Mattresses in Kingscourt Cavan

Medi Comfort

  • Luxurious 16ich deep mattress with soft foam pillow pad
  • Exclusive pocket sprung system.
  • Extra side wall foam support
  • Top quality woven fabric covering.
  • Mattress depth 15" (39cm)
  • RRP €600 *
Double Beds and Mattresses in Kingscourt Cavan

Oppulence 3000

  • 3000 Nested Pocket Springs
  • Thousands of Mini-Pocket Springs
  • Natural Wool, Cotton and Silk fillings
  • Anti-allergy upholstery
  • Mattress depth 12" (30cm)
  • RRP €670*

Tranquility 2000

  • 2000 RespaForm pocket springs
  • Foam encapsulated mattress
  • Coolcell foam for temperature regulating comfort
  • Purotex anti allergen control
  • Mattress depth 13"
  • RRP €720 *

King Koil Mattress Range

At The Bedroom Base we stock 2 different mattresses from the King Koil range Ireland’s only manufacture of International Chiroprator Association approved beds. Both these mattresses offer a firmer feel for back lovers.

Posture Elite 1200

Posture Elite 1200


  • 1200 Pocket Springs
  • Luxury high loft quilted mattress
  • Quality upholstery fillings
  • Turn Free mattress 
  • RRP €680 *
Spinal Visco

Spinal Visco

  • High guage heat tempered Open Coil spring system
  • Chiro-Span Posturisation™ targets extra back support in the centre third zone
  • Perimetre Frame with Flex-edge border supports for full surface non-sag sleep comfort
  • Kaytex™ all over body support foam with posture support zonal pad
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • RRP €700 *

All our double basic, memory foam, pocket sprung, orthopaedic and luxury mattresses are available for delivery within a matter of days. Call into our dedicated Bedroom Showroom to try out our range of Bedroom Mattresses, Bases, Furniture & Accessories for yourself. We're open Monday through Saturday from 10am to 6pm.

*Prices listed are subject to negotiation for Bulk Orders

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